Authentic Danish Smørrebrød

Jómfrúin is proud to carefully combine superb Icelandic ingredients with age-old Danish heritage so that guests can enjoy a culinary experience like no other. Jómfrúin stands for quality tradition that is worthy of preservation.


Authentic Danish Smørrebrød

Jómfrúin is proud to carefully combine superb Icelandic ingredients with age-old Danish heritage so that guests can enjoy a culinary experience like no other. Jómfrúin stands for quality tradition that is worthy of preservation.



Welcome to Jómfrúin

Jómfrúin offers a great selection of Danish Smørrebrød along with Danish and Scandinavian main courses.  Jómfrúin has been open for 22 years and has over that period built up a big group of regular guests.

Jakob Jakobsson is the founder of Jómfrúin and the first man in the world to graduate as a “smørrebrødsjomfru” from the world-renowned restaurant owned by Ida Davidsen, the heir of Oscar Davidsen smørrebrød-restaurant in Copenhagen.

Jakob’s son, Jakob jr, is now the manager of Jómfrúin and has been from the year 2015 after having been working with the company since 2003.

Jómfrúin is located in Lækjargata 4, the heart of Reykjavík centrum. Behind the restaurant is a square where outdoor seating is ideal for days of good weather.



Danish influence

Jómfrúin stands for the best in Danish smørrebrød. An unbroken tradition of quality and Danish culinary culture for the past 100 years. Essentially it’s an open-faced sandwich usually featuring rye sourdough bread. Smørrebrød presents different combinations of seafood, meat, vegetables and condiments, and is typically enjoyed with a cold beer and schnapps (aquavit).

ISK 3.420

Beef Tartar

Rye bread w/hand-scraped beef tartar, horseradish, onion, beetroot, capers and raw egg yolk.

ISK 2.450

Jakob’s Plaice

Rye bread w/fried plaice, remoulade, smoked salmon with caviar, shrimps and asparagus.

ISK 2.350

Ham Special – Russian

Rye bread with ham, spicy red beetroot salad, eggs and chives.

ISK 3.290

Cured salmon and avocado

Sourdough bread w/beetroot- and aquavit-cured salmon, avocado and egg.

ISK 2.220

Bacon with  Camembert

Rye bread w/crisp bacon, camembert,

tomato, bell pepper and redcurrant jam.

ISK 2.550

Salmon Tartar

Toast w/chopped smoked salmon, raw onion, capers, horseradish and raw egg yolk.


What do people say about Jómfrúin?

“So much fun + schnapps”

“Great service and interesting dishes. The Norwegian Aquavit is very potent. Anyway, the food was great and we floated back to the hotel, full to the brim.”

A.D Beckenham

“One of a kind in Iceland”

“The only authentic and real open sandwich place in Iceland. Has several excellent standard meals that have been on the menu for 25+ years.”

Ice Trotter

Absolutely incredible

“Wow! This busy, delicious spot is not to be missed! You can order half-plates, better to sample the incredible herrings, pates, cheeses, and everything Icelandic. Super-friendly staff and a full bar complete the picture.”

Florida Traveler

“Best open sandwiches in town”

“Fantastic selection of open sandwiches – something for everyone and very popular with the locals. Great place for lunch.”

Ethel Burga


Gift card

Want to buy a gift card at Jómfrúin, for your self or your business? Contact us on or by phone and we will advise you.


What’s happening at Jómfrúin?

Whether its summer or winter, there is always something happening at Jómfrúin. Make sure to follow up on events so you don’t miss out on the ‘hygge’ atmosphere.

Jazz at Jómfrúin

Each summer, Jómfrúin offers jazz concerts every Saturday from 3 PM – 5 PM. Sigurður Flosason, Icelandic music legend, organizes the concert program and Jómfrúin takes care of the beer, food and sun in the back garden.

Christmas at Jómfrúin

Jómfrúin gets festive as Christmas approaches each year, offering a large traditional Christmas menu, with the Christmas platter as a signature dish.

These seasonal delicacies are best enjoyed with frozen schnapps and the Tuborg Christmas brew.

Hlemmur Food Hall

Jómfrúin has expanded and now offers delicious open sandwiches at Hlemmur Food Hall. At the Food Hall, you will experience a different atmosphere, but the same authentic Danish smørrebrød. Jómfrúin always values the Danish tradition.


Jómfrúin is located at


Jómfrúin - Lækjargata 4

Jómfrúin - Lækjargata 4

Lækjargata 4, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


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It is quite gloomy outside. Brighten up your day with our delightful Danish cuisine. We have Cured Salmon ( cured in beet-root and aquavit ) with fresh Avocado, Pan-fried Trout with creamy Spinach and a lot more.
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Smoked Eel ( Reyktur Áll ). It is on a rye bread with scrambled egg, slices of tomatoes, and chives. It is Áll Good!
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Opening times

ALL DAYS 11:00 – 22:00


Lækjargata 4, 101 Reykjavík


+354 55 10 100


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Send us a message if you have any questions or wonderings.