Whether its summer or winter, there is always something happening at Jómfrúin. Make sure to follow up on events so you don’t miss out on the ‘hygge’ atmosphere.

Our book


Jómfrúin – Dönsk og dejlig í 25 ár


Before Christmas 2021, we published our book “Jómfrúin”. In the book, you will find recipes for numerous dishes that have made it to our menu through the years, the restaurant’s history, and reviews from our regular customers that all call Jómfrúin their own, because restaurants are neither bigger nor more than the people inside. The book is in Icelandic.


Summer jazz

Each summer, Jómfrúin offers jazz concerts every Saturday at 3 PM – 5 PM. Sigurður Flosason, Icelandic music legend, organizes the concert program and Jómfrúin takes care of the beer, food and sun in the back garden. The first concert takes place first Saturday in June and continues throughout August. The concerts are played outside on the Jómfrúartorg. Admissions are free.

„And all that jazz…!“


Christmas at Jómfrúin

Jómfrúin gets festive as Christmas approaches each year, offering a large traditional Christmas menu, with the Christmas platter as a signature dish. These seasonal delicacies are best enjoyed with a frozen schnapps and the Tuborg Christmas brew.


The Christmas menu

The Christmas menu differs each year, as Jómfrúin loves to surprise its guests. You can see the menu from last Christmas here:

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